recycled t-shirts

t-shirt yarnI am now obsessed with creating ‘yarn’ from old t-shirts. I’m asking everyone I know for any used t-shirts. If I get enough, I’ll be able to maybe teach a class to some 4-H members.  But I’ll need a lot more. I’m also trying to make a full size rug, which would be time-consuming. As the ones above are small and went relatively quickly, each row gets larger and larger and takes more and more time… and patience.

You can find sites that describe how to cut the t-shirts to make the yarn, but make sure the shirts are seamless on the sides (most men’s t-shirts, or unisex). Stains are ok, as most of them you won’t notice. You can also dye some white ones to the colors you want. I would do this before cutting them up. You only use the part from the underarm down. Some writing is ok, as it usually can go unnoticed, but if it is a thicker iron on it may not allow the same stretching as the rest of the shirt and would be noticeable, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

The items above I crocheted, but you could probably knit with it too. Use large hooks or needles and do it loosely or your wrists will get very tired. You could also probably braid it and sew it or weave it to make a rug. I also made some small baskets.


Grilled cauliflower head

I tried a new way to prepare cauliflower. After I washed the head, I spread butter all over it and then sprinkled garlic salt, paprika and parmesan cheese, wrapped it in foil and put it on the grill about 40 minutes, it was great! very tender, almost potato like, great flavor. Will do it again!grilled cauliflower head

The meaning of life..

One of my favorite quotes by Picasso, so I’d thought I’d make something with it. Looks kind of plain, but OK. I would go with some color next time.

So the first step was to paint a 12×12 canvas all black. then I applied sticker letters to spell out the quote. After that, I painted around and over the stickers with more black paint. My theory was that it would seal the edges of the letters so the next color paint wouldn’t leak underneath. It worked pretty well. then I did a dry brushing of white over the whole canvas and letters, and finally peeled off the stickers.

2013-05-19 18.48.212013-05-19 14.25.462013-05-19 15.00.262013-05-19 18.35.21The meaning of life...